BCC and 2021 ???


Hopefully you will all be pleased to know your committee have been busy during this current lockdown, planning an optimistic programme for 2021.

Of course, who knows what form next year will take, but assuming some normality returns, then our boats will be wanting the mooring lines to be released, along with their impatient crews. 

So we are planning, discussing, booking various events throughout the year, and these will appear on the website soon. Therefore you can start to pencil in some events into your diaries, but always have an eraser close by, as everything is subject to change.

Enjoy your Christmas in whatever guise it takes, knowing that 2020 will not be forgotten, but 2021 must be better !

Best regards, from your committee.

Kev ( Secretary )


PS ; The licensee of the Bradwell Marina Bar is changing early in 2021, so until informed any event using the facilities can't be confirmed